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Thai Basil Kiwi Sorbet

Kiwi Sorbet

September is month full of holidays – both religious and personal since Joey and I are both September babies.  I always look forward to what new kitchen gadget will be added to my collection and this year did not disappoint!  I got an amazing new Doctor Who apron (cuz apron’s are cool), along with a Kitchen Aid Food Processor, and the ice cream attachment for my stand mixer.  While the food processor is currently in storage, look for a future post on all that, the ice cream attachment went straight to the freezer.  After looking at the instruction booklet I decided to go with a sorbet, that way I could figure out the basics of the machine before moving on to a more elaborate creation.  One of the /52weeksofcooking challenges I missed earlier this summer was to use tropical fruit, so I decided this was the perfect opportunity to knock that out!  To add a POP to my sorbet I picked some fresh Thai Basil from my garden, thinking that might enhance the sourness of the kiwi I decided to pick up at the store.


Simple syrup is something I normally keep on hand, mostly for iced coffees but it’s insanely easy to make.  Just bring equal parts sugar and water to a boil, then turn to a simmer and stir for 15 minutes before placing in an ice bath.  Chill and then place in the fridge until it’s ready!

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Thai Basil Eggplant


Grand Ma’s Tofu

Thai Basil Eggplant & Grand Ma's Tofu

There is just something about Chinese food around the holidays, it just feels right!  This week I had the added encouragement of /52weeks Take Out at Home theme.  I debated about trying a thincrust pizza but forgetting to add water to the bread machine took care of that idea, so on to Chinese Food!  Joe and I get Chinese food about once a month and our favorite place no longer ask us what we want, they hear my name and they know we are calling for eggplant and tofu.  I had wanted to try making both of these recipes for awhile but every recipe I found online featured either pork or fish sauce and I wasn’t sure how our place does it without either of those.  So I started experimenting with sauces, testing them out on soba noodles until I found the “right” combination.  The hardest part was finding a chili paste for the tofu that didn’t include shrimp paste or fish sauce, but after a very long trip to the Asian grocery store I was able to locate one that was safe!



The best part about these dishes is that the sauces are so versatile, could easily switch things up and do a Thai Basil Tofu or a Grand Ma’s Eggplant.  Each of these dishes would also make a great topping for some rice noodles, or just as they are.