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M&M Bark

Originally this post was going to be a guest post for an awesome food and crafts blog but for some reason they decided to not use it ūüė¶ ¬†So after waiting for over a week to see if they would change their mind, or just respond letting me know they got the original email with the post, I decided to share it here. ¬†When it comes to fall my mind always goes to varios types of candies, and the variety of ways they can be used. ¬†Last year I made some Kat-Kit Cookies while the year before that I treated my friends to some Kit Kat Cheesecake. ¬†This year I debated all sorts of goodies, and then realized this was going to fall in the middle of our trans-state move and scaled back a bit. ¬†After checking what my temporary kitchen had equipment wise, I went for a triple layer bark – with some fall colored M&Ms (tho left over M&Ms from Halloween would work just as well). ¬†This recipe is so simple, with or without a double-boil, it just requires prior ¬†planning since the bark takes a bit of time to “dry”.


I got lucky and found a bag of Halloween themed chocolate chips (not pictured due to spaz – this photo is with a “regular” bag of chips) and spent a bit of time splitting up the orange and black in order to create the triple layer effect. ¬†Another option would be two bags of white chocolate chips and using food dye to create the orange layer.¬†doubleboiler

Triple Layer Chocolate Bark

I normally make this the night before, that way when I get up in the morning it’s ready to break. ¬†I took this batch to work as a good-bye treat for my coworkers, and to insure I didn’t eat the entire thing by myself…

I’m also sending this over to /52weeksofcooking for their candy week – homemade bark with store bought candy make the perfect treat!

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Winter Wonderland

Layered Peppermint Bark


Merry Christmas!  Hopefully all your presents are wrapped and ready to go, but just in case this Peppermint Bark makes a wonderful last minute gift.  It also makes a great treat, so even if you are ready to go gift wise nothing wrong with making some candy to go with all the other treats.  I love how quickly this treat comes together, though sometimes it is rather hard to wait for it to set.  All the ingredients are easy to locate, and for those willing to be extra, patient candy canes will go on super discount tomorrow so buy in bulk now for later!


Hope everyone has an amazing day! ¬†Merry Christmas ūüôā ¬†I’m also sending this recipe over to r/52 weeks for the final challenge: Holidays. ¬†Whether being made as a gift or being enjoyed as a gift to yourself these peppermint treats certainly say winter holidays!