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2015 in Review

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is already over – in so many ways this year has just flown by!  2015 was a BIG year for my family as we welcomed our little girl at the end of November.  It was also a year where I learned to let go and accepted that I can’t control everything, a lesson that I’m sure will be repeated over the next 18+ years or so.  I wasn’t able to post nearly as much as I had hoped (curse you HG) but I was able to catch up with some of my older cookbooks and make some great plans for the future.  There are about 21 freezer meals that will be reviewed between now and March (!), a return to the Secret Recipe Club, and a rather awesome Valentine’s Day series.  However, this post isn’t about what’s coming but rather a look back on the top posts of the year.  So without further delay the top three posts of 2015:


Cheese “burger” Mac & Cheese


Mini Ginger Cheesecakes


Cherry Chipotle Brussel Sprouts

Not at all surprised that two of these posts are from February’s Triple S Bites!  That was so much fun to participate in, and so many of the posts from that week really pushed me.  I still can’t believe I made mini cheesecakes!  This year my focus is going to be on quick and easy meals as I don’t see myself having that much spare time.  I also hope to get back on track with eating seasonal vegetables as well as local and sustainable goodies.  2016 has a lot to live up to after such a fantastic 2015 – I can’t wait to see what happens!!!!

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