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#WinePW Clear to See

Boozy Berry Pie


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!  Today’s post is part of WinePW #9 – an awesome event that pairs delicious foods with fantastic wines that was started by David last June.  Since today is Valentine’s day I decided to go with something super sweet and sum what red.  Once upon a time I could drink red wines, and then I hit my early 20s and that ability went away.  So I started exploring white wines and with that the amazing world of Reislings.  From California to Australia to Germany to Maryland – these sweet whites are fantastic for pairing with spicy foods or for enhancing the sweetness of fresh fruit!  For this event I went with a local Reisling from Basignani winery which is just up the road from me in Sparks, MD.  I tend towards Reislings that are more on the fruity side than the floral side, and this one certainly falls in that arena!  With that, I knew I wanted to do a dessert featuring the berries that have started popping up at the local markets, thanks to greenhouses and high tunnels.   This pies features three awesome fruits who have the right amount of subtle tartness to go perfectly with my peach influenced wine.   Using the white wine also means no added sugar – and depending on the crust being used this dish can be gluten free and/or vegan.  I went with a press-in-pan graham cracker crust, skipping the cinnamon tho this time and using a honey graham cracker.


Make sure to check out what everyone else came up with as part of this awesome challenge!  Looking forward to seeing all sorts of tasting wine pairings – and even more so looking forward to next month!!!

I’ve always been a fan of mixed berry pies, but generally the costs associated with three (or more!) types of berries have kept me from making them at home.  However, this past weekend I had a eureka moment and picked up a “berry fruit salad” container from the ready made department.  So instead of spending $10 or more, it was closer to $4 – much better!  The mixture I grabbed included strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries which made it the perfect combo for my boozy creation!

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