Lonely Time

 Triple S Bites – Sponsor Round-up and THANK YOU!!!! 

Today’s TripleSPost is a bit different – no recipe just a huge THANK YOU to all the fantastic sponsors and bloggers who made this possible!  I have been able to try so many incredible products, including a number of which that aren’t available in my area, and with that been able to make recipes that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible.  From the time saving herb pastes from Gourmet Gardens, to the incredible Caribbean style hot-sauce from Pirate Jonny’s it’s been one taste sensation after another.

A few of the products I received came ready to enjoy as they were, such as crunchy chickpeas from 2 Armadillos and tea infused chocolates from Spicely.  I brought out all four flavors of chickpeas I got from 2 Armadillos for a game day with friends, along with the two types of chocolates from Spicely.  By the end of the day there were no chocolates left and only a handful of the spicy cayenne chickpeas – one bag went completely missing before I could even try one!

mmm…saucy, spicy, and sexy!!!

I still can’t believe how many delicious things I got to try during TripleSBites, and can only hope that these products (Roasted Beet Vinigrette) start showing up on local shelves soon!  Now for a recap of all the recipes I’ve been able to make during this challenge thanks again to these fantastic sponsors!!!


4 Cheese Pasta Bake – Gourmet Garden


Loaded Potato Soup – VooDoo Chef


Cherry Chipotle Brussel SproutsNot Ketchup


Bulgur Wheat Beet Salad – Out of the Weeds


Caribbean Beans & Rice – Pirate Jonny’s


VooDoo Fries with Saucy Mayonaise – VooDoo Chef & Intensity Academy

butternut_mac_cheeseButternut Squash Mac N Cheese – Gourmet Gardens

Now time to check out all of the other awesome bloggers who participated in this fantastic challenge:

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