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Finish Each Other’s

Warm Bulgur Wheat Salad

Bulgur Wheat Salad

I’m trying to get back on track with blogging, but I’m not going to lie – things have been a little rough lately and it has been hard finding the time to develop/test new recipes.  Fingers crossed things will start to get a little easier, and thankfully summer is approaching so soon cooking will switch over to the grill which is the realm of my amazing husband 🙂 The theory with that being I can prep, marinate, coordinate the effort and then write the post while he works magic on our indoor brick oven.   Thankfully my funk is not extending over to cooking in general, so blog challenges such as Secret Recipe Club and Random Recipes have been insuring that we are eating more than just pasta – and today’s A-Themed Random Recipe introduced me to an entirely new member of the grain family.   When I told Joe tonight’s dinner was going to feature Bulgar Wheat his reaction was to ask me if he liked bulgar wheat, at which point  I had to admit that I had yet to make or even eat bulgar wheat and thus had no idea.  I also reminded him that we had some leftover matzoh just in case this was a total failure, as well as the ingredients to make matzoh pizza, so with a back up plan in place I opened up Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian cookbook and turned to my “A” recipe: Tabbouleh, a Salad Made with Bulgar and Arugula.   I made a few seasonal changes, and also prepped the bulgur per the ingredients on the bulk food bag (Wegmans FTW) as I somehow missed that the original recipe calls for 2 hours of soaking, and that’s the quick version!


Thanks Dom and AlphaBakes (Ros and Caroline) for an A+ experience!  For those that haven’t yet picked up this international buffet of vegetarian recipes I can not recommend it enough as this book is probably the most used of all my cookbooks – and it shows.

6 thoughts on “Finish Each Other’s

  1. love a bit of arugala, even though it’s called rocket over here, you still qualify!… it looks WAY too healthy for me though ;0)… thanks so much for the brilliant entry to random recipes xx


    1. there are a few places here that call it rocket as well – typically the higher ended restaurants 🙂 have to admit that rocket is definitely the cooler sounding name!


  2. Fantastic salad. I love bulghur wheat and often make it into these type of salads. I also often use it in place of couscous as I like the firmer texture.


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