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Creamy Garlic and Potato Soup

Creamy Potato Soup

A garlic challenge?!?!  It seriously does not get much better than trying to figure out the perfect garlic recipe, at least for this garlic addicted Italian 😀  Of all the allergies in the world, an allergy to garlic would probably have the biggest effect on my life as I have it in almost every savory dish – garlic makes my world go round.  I thought about making a vegetarian friendly version of 40 Clove Chicken but I really wanted to focus on the garlic and not have a protein overshadow it.  So I decided to recreate one of my favorite vacation dishes: knoblauchcremesuppe (trying saying that three times fast!).  When Joe and I went on our honeymoon, this is THE dish I was most looking forward to – and with that introducing it to Joe.  This dish screams garlic – and it’s also insanely delicious and comforting which is perfect for this dreary time of year.


Traditionally this would be served with cream but since I’m trying to keep my doctor happy I used Greek Yogurt.   I topped mine with some homemade croutons, but crusty bread would be a great alternative – anything to help soak up every last drop!

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