52Weeks · Quick Weeknight Recipes

Simple Melody



Second /52weeksofcooking post for 2014 – this week Poland/Polish was the theme and my cousin supplied the recipe.  I was lucky enough to travel to Poland as part of my college term abroad and it was fantastic.  From the Perogi bar to the S. American restaurant in the basement of an old building.   Personal favorite was hearing about the story of St. Mary’s Basilica followed by shopping in the outdoor market.  It was an awesome trip and I would love to go back again, and hopefully make it up to Warsaw.  Today’s dish isn’t one I was lucky enough to have over there, but when I told my cousin that I was in need of a Polish dish it sounded perfect.


I love how fast this dish came together, and while the amount of butter is higher than I would like there is nothing wrong with an occasional splurge.  I thought about reducing the butter in favor of more olive oil but was told that the key to the dish was butter and lots of it – so butter it was!

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