2013 in Review

2013 in Review

So 2013 was not my easiest year IRL, but blogging wise things went mostly to plan.  I have branched out in to new and tasty cuisines, and have pushed myself to try new and exciting foods.  While I still cling to a few family favorites, I can honestly say that most of the meals I made this year were new to me – or “new to me” in that I had never attempted to make them before.  While I still have a few hurdles to get over (collared greens), I am happy to say that many vegetables I avoided as a child (and young adult) are now regulars on my menu (beets! Brussel sprouts!).   Also getting better at avoiding the uber sweet stuff, which is reflected in the Top Five Recipes of 2013.  When I ran the numbers for this year I was pleasantly surprised so see so many savory recipes towards the top, even when I took in to account when a recipe was published in the year.  While there will also be a soft spot in my heart for things like my kit-kat cookies, the healthier dishes are really what Dancing Veggies is all about and what I hope to focus on in 2014.  So without further delay the top five recipes of 2013!

Number 1: Stuffed Crust Pizza (okay not exactly healthy – but still savory!)

Stuffed Crust Pizza

Number 2: Vegan Dirty Rice

Vegan Dirty Rice

Number 3: Vegan Summer Quinoa (hello, beets!)

Summer Quinoa

Number 4: Vegan Sushi

Vegan Sushi | Two Ways

Number 5: Lentil Soup (considering this was just posted in December I have a feeling this recipe will quickly be a member of the Top 5 of All Time)

Lentil Soup

The first dessert recipe didn’t show up until #7 – and even then they were my banana snickerdoodles so not exactly a horrible sweet.  I was also pleasantly surprised that so many vegan options made the top 5!  All in all 2013 was a good recipe year – and I can only hope that 2014 proves to be just as tasty!

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