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An Animal

Blue Cheese Spinach Orzo

Blue Cheese Spinach Orzo

Last week I mentioned how my awesome SRC partner had a blue cheese orzo recipe on her blog.  FINALLY my garden cooperated and I had all the ingredients needed for this delectably cheesy dish.  It’s probably a good thing this wasn’t my SRC pick for July as I made more than a few changes to this dish in order to make it work better for my family.  I kept with the basic roux but added some additional spice and complexity to the dish, mostly for fear of the cheese being too overpowering (not that my better half with take issue with that).  I also upped the veggies in an attempt to resolve some of the guilt that comes with eating that much amazingly delicious but oh so not healthy blue cheese.


I can easily see this dish converting a non-blue cheese person to the light side as the hint of blue cheese is there but it’s not overpowering.  Instead everything happily blends together in cheesy harmony!  We enjoyed the orzo as our main dish but would also be a great dish for a potluck as it carries well, simple to double (or triple!) and could easily be converted for a slow cooker.

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