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Whenever You’re Near

Sriracha White Bean Dip

White Bean Dip

Time for the July installation of Secret Recipe Club!  This month I was assigned Beth’s It’s Good to be the Chef Blog, which is full of awesome recipes and restaurant reviews.  I knew this would be the perfect match when I saw all her comments about Wegmans (!!!) and Thai food – plus she’s also been to Zahav which is one of the most amazing restaurants ever.  I had a hard time figure out what to recipe to make but in the end my garden decided for me.  I had been hoping to make one of her many tomato focused recipes, either her mom’s baked tomatoes or her roasted tomato spinach pasta or maybe the Blue Cheese Spinach Orzo.  In the end however I couldn’t find any suitable tomatoes and went for spicy Sriracha White Bean Dip.  I’ve mentioned my love of sriracha before but never would have thought to make a dip of it that also include curry powder.  I did make a few changes, leaving out the lime juice for allergy reasons and upping the garlic content.  This dip came together oh so quickly and was spicy perfection with just the right amount of kick.


I brought this simple dip over to a family bbq and it was an instant hit, especially on top of the sundried tomato wheat thins.   The leftovers became parts of a lunch wrap, just added some lettuce, olives, and carrots – perfect quick and healthy lunch!

19 thoughts on “Whenever You’re Near

  1. This sounds awesome! I am making an effort to eat more vegetables, but I need dip to enjoy them. My carrots are tired of hummus, so this is a great solution. Great SRC pick!


  2. Mmm, love a good bean dip. I always forget to buy some Sriracha and have wanted to try it in different things. Funny, I was just making a grocery list, so I added it to the list.


    1. We always have Sriracha in the house – normally the HUGE monster bottles that barely fit in the fridge. My husband puts it on everything – Frank Red Hot style if you will 🙂


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