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Avocado Taco

Avocado Taco

I got more than a little excited when I saw that avocados were the theme ingredient for this week’s /52weeksofcooking challenge.  I thought about the various ways I could use avocados, and when I couldn’t pick just one decided to try two of them in order to enhance my favorite sweet potato tacos.   The original plan was to grill two of the avocados for a salsa but mother nature didn’t like that idea so the salsa became more of a deconstructed guacamole.  However it was still amazing, which is what really matters, and I’ve always been a big fan of the chunkier salsas.  The other avocados become a delicious dressing – using Greek yogurt to make a healthier version of the standard Green Goddess.



Everything came together extremely fast and the leftover dressing tasted amazing the next day mixed with some quinoa and tomatoes.   Most importantly the cool avocados provided the perfect contrast to my spicy sweet potatoes, making me wish I had tried this earlier!

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