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Tostadas con Mole

Tostada con Mole

One final blog challenge before my BIG trip, this time heading to Mexico for /r/52weeksofcooking.  Mexican food is a regular in our household, normally enchiladas or tacos but occasionally fajitas.  I am trying to push myself with these challenges so I decided to attempt a mole sauce, with enough ingredients on hand to make enchiladas suizas just in case.  I checked out more than a few recipes online in order to get idea of the basic ingredients, knowing that I would have to make more than a few changes in order to keep the mole peanut free and vegetarian friendly.  I also decided to use my slow cooker in order to keep the heat in my kitchen at a manageable level.


I decided to make my own tortillas, which is why this dish wound up being tostadas instead of enchiladas.  I also cooked up some squash and zucchini, which were originally going to go in the enchiladas but worked just fine on top of the tostadas.  In the end everything was delicious and I have ton saved in my freezer for nachos, enchiladas, and maybe more tostadas.

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