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Secret Is

Sloppy Joeys

Sloppy Joey

Time for the April installment of the Secret Recipe Club!!!! This month I was assigned the incredible Ilona’s Kitchen blog which is packed to the brim with delicious treats – both sweet and savory!  As always I had a hard time finding the perfect recipe, something that would be different than the normal and showcase the delicious recipes on her blog.  After much debate I decided to go with one of her two (!!!) recipes for Sloppy Joe’s,  figuring if they were such a hit with her munchkin they would also go over well with my husband.  In honor of the vegan twist on this recipe I’m renaming them Sloppy Joey’s, and my Joey seems to have no issue sharing his name with this incredible dinner!  Other than the vegan twist most of the recipe is as you will find it on Ilona’s Kitchen, as long as your overlook my avoidance of celery in this dish in favor of more peppers.


These came together in record time, the only trick was finding a vegetarian friendly Worcestershire sauce.  In the end I wound up making my own using this guide from the incredible Martha Stewart.  I have to say this homemade version was far better than any I had before, and used the extra sauce as a topping for the mashed potatoes that I served with my Sloppy Joey’s .  Thanks Ilona’s Kitchen for an incredible dinner idea!

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25 thoughts on “Secret Is

    1. I toasted fresh sourdough and aside from sections of the middle it held up pretty well! This sauce is thicker then the stuff I remember as a kid coming from a can 🙂


  1. I am going through a huge sloppy joe phase. I even have a sloppy joe mac and cheese recipe that I still need to type up for my blog…but a tofu version has never crossed my mind…and a vegan Worcestershire isn’t even something I ever thought about. Great choice!


    1. I had never thought about vegan Worcestershire sauce either – until I realized that the “normal” sauce isn’t vegetarian friendly! I’m now hooked and can’t wait to try these again


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