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Rosemary Thyme Brussel Sprouts

Rosemary Thyme Brussel Sprouts

Confession: I didn’t have a Brussel Sprout until I was in my mid-20s as my mother is not a fan.   Once I had one I realized how amazing they were and have been making them regularly ever since.  However I had to figure out a way to get Joe to eat them as he was not a huge fan.  I quickly eliminated roasting them and any variation involving balsamic vinegar before figuring out the right combination of herbs and oils.  While this might not be the most creative use of herbs, it’s one of our favorites which is why I’m sending this over to r/52weeksofcooking for their herb weeks.  I served these as part of our Seder dinner and they were a huge hit – including with one other person who was also late to the sprouts are awesome party.


The only down side of figuring out the perfect recipe is having to buy large amounts of Brussel Sprouts in order to insure there’s enough for everyone.  If you wind up with any leftover sprouts, they make a great omelette or quiche filling!

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