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Minestrone Soup 

Minstrone Soup

Happy Valentines Day! This day is normally reserved for chocolates, candies, and all other sweet treats but this year I wanted to go with something that was heart healthy.   I also had a slight oven malfuction earlier this week so I needed to go with something that could be done either on the range or in a slow-cooker so this soup was the perfect fit.  I’ve been making various tomato soups for years, but normally stick to creamy variety which I am trying to get away from.  This minstrone soup is full of vegetables but no dairy and low on salt so somewhere out there my doctor is smiling.


Joe likes to top his soup with fresh Parmesan cheese and Old Bay while I prefer mine on the naked side, though both of us agree that some fresh bread is the perfect companion for this good to the last drop soup.

My favorite part about soups like this is that the vegetables can easily be switched up based on what you like and what you have available.  The only one I’ve ever had issue with is okra, at least when doing it in the slow cooker, but all others from peppers to celery to baby potatoes are perfect for making this your perfect soup.   So on this Valentines Day take care of your heart with this delicious tomato soup.

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