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No Delay

Baguettes and Crostinis


I’ll be honest, I put this 52weeks challenge off until the last possible moment because I knew what I wanted to post, and I knew when I was going to be able to do it.  This week the theme is appetizers and since I was planning to host a Downton Abbey Viewing Party I knew I would be making some type of finger food.  I debated a number of recipes, trying to find something that either the Upstairs or Downstairs folks of the early 1920s would have enjoyed at a gathering.  In the end I decided to make some French Baguettes and transform them in to crostinis for a variety of toppings.  Crostinis have been around for a few hundred years, and were one way to use up stale bread.  The toppings on the other hand vary depending on location and time period, ranging from the ever popular bruschetta to squash puree to watercress egg salad and everything in between.  I decided to keep it simple with a classic roasted tomato bruschetta and an eggplant dip.



While doing my recipe search I also found a few classic soup recipes that called for crostinis, so I have a feeling I know where the leftovers will be going.   I also want to do more research about the Downton Abbey time period to find out more about what food they enjoyed then, see if I can combine my love of food with my love of history.  I’m not sure where that will go, but will most certainly be posted here!

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