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Waiting for the Rain

Chocolate Cheesecake Cupcakes with Creamcheese Icing

Another week, another /52weeks challenge!  This week the theme is desserts, meaning that I HAD to make something all sorts of decadent.  Sure there are tons of “healthy” desserts out there, but there is something to be said about a truly scrumptious (calorie heavy) chocolate dessert.  For the challenge this week I let Joe pick the dessert, and he was very clear about what he wanted: chocolate, cupcake, cheesecake, and caramel.  I wasn’t able to fit in the caramel due to a miscalculation on my part with my caramel syrup, but everything else found a home in this recipe.  For the cheesecake filling, I decided to use the technique I learned doing my cookie-dough cupcakes.  The basic idea is freeze the filling and layer it in the cupcake dough, that way it doesn’t “bake” and stays soft and moist.



These cupcakes are really rich,  so perfect for hard-core chocolate lovers like my husband.  Since I have to be careful about what I’m eating, I left the icing off of mine and had to make due with a test spoon of the icing to make sure it was just right.

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