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An Unlocked Place

Orzo in Tomato Broth with Cheese Crust

Welcome to the November installment of Secret Recipe Club!  This month I was assigned The Keenan Cookbook, which is another husband/wife blog.  Except in the Keenan household, he cooks and she manages the photography!  Chris might jest that people are “amazed” by him cooking, but a quick look at all the recipes on his blog certainly had me amazed!  Chris and Rachel have a little bit of everything, which made picking a recipe an extremely difficult venture.   From insane sweets like cream-cheese FILLED snickerdoodles to cinnamon sugar pull apart bread to the “healthier” apple cider muffins, I was so tempted to do another sweet entry.  However the timing of this reveal is rather close to Halloween so I decided to go easy on my waist line and avoid temptation.  It should be noted that deciding to go savory did not make it any easier to decide on what to cook.  I was lured for a bit by a scrumptious sounding enchilada, but seeing as how I already have three enchilada recipes on my blog I needed to try something different.  From there I narrowed it down to three recipes, all of which featured orzo in some form or another, before finally settling on the orzo soup.   I did have to make a few adjustments, increasing the amounts in order to have some for lunch and vegetarianizing the broth, as well as tweaking the cooking method.   As follows is the recipe with my adjustments, be sure to head over to The Keenan Cookbook for the original!


As the picture shows my crust sort of sunk into the broth, but that just resulted in some gooey cheese goodness which is never a bad thing.  I served mine with some cheesy sourdough bread, which also served as a great tool for soaking up every last drop of the tomato broth.  Chris’s comments about this being perfect for winter are spot on, nothing like a hot bowl of soup to bring feeling back to cold fingers and toes!

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11 thoughts on “An Unlocked Place

  1. Hi Amanda! So glad you liked the soup! Definitely awesome for the weather. I love that you vegetarianized it. While we have some veggie friendly recipes on our site, we could definitely use more- so I’ll be sure to point readers here for it. Thanks again and ps – once the sugar shock from Halloween ends definitely try those apple cider muffins. By far one of my favs 🙂


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