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Potato Chowder

Happy Wednesday!  If my counting is correct this post marks the 200th (!!!!) recipe posted on Dancing Veggies!  When I started just over two years ago I honestly thought it would be something I would do for a month or four and then I would move on to something else.  I’ve never been great at commiting to a project long term, call it ADHD or just a general lack of patience.  However this blog has become my outlet and my way of meeting so many amazing people.  From my first blog group to those I’m currently in, I’ve been able to “visit” with people in places I had only read about.   I’ve also been forced to go outside of my comfort zone and cook cuisines and with ingredients that never would have happened otherwise.

This recipe doesn’t push my comfort zone but does come from my favorite type of cooking challenge, the ones that make you think outside the box.  This week the theme for /52weeks is “comfort food”, which is about as abstract as concept as one can see in the cooking world.  This concept really will vary from person to person and culture to culture since comfort food in one area could be considered haute cuisine in another area.  To me comfort food is something that warms me up while trigging some form of memories.  The first things that come to mind are pasta and various Austrian cookies, but since I’ve already posted a fair amount of those I had to really dig around for something new.  While I don’t remember having potato chowder growing up, chowder is in many ways a quidessential comfort food.   Not only does chowder warm you up, there is something about it that just makes my world a better place.   Chowder also reminds me of college, both fish the bacon out of the various chowders Chef Bob made as well as the cans of potato corn chowder I kept stashed in my room for days when I didn’t have the time to make the trek to the dining hall.   I originally thought about doing a Potato Corn Chowder, but in the end decided to go for a Potato Vegetable Chowder, since I had a fair amount of veggies left over from various meals earlier in the week.   I had to take careful notes the entire time, since normally a recipe gets tested a few times before I post.  However this time the stars aligned and the recipe turned out perfectly the first time, something that rarely happens in my kitchen.


I served this with some leftover English Muffin Bread but anything would go great with this hearty soup, or nothing at all!  It should also be noted that I enjoy my soup on the thick side, for a thinner soup add more water or half&half depending on personal taste.  If using canned corn can also add the liquid from the can to enhance the corn flavor.   This recipe can also be easily adapted for a slow cooker, just follow step one using a skillet and then transfer to a slow cooker.   Cook on low for 5-7hrs or on high for 2-3hours, before blending and adding the cream.  Then leave on high for at least 30minutes before serving!