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The Queen

Apple Scones

Confession: I have a huge fan of British history.  In fact I can name all the Queens/Kings of England from King Henry I to present day, but could probably name only 30 or so presidents and only the first dozen or so in order.  With that said I didn’t realize my lack of British cooking material until this past Random Recipe challenge, hosted by Dom of Belleau’s Kitchen.   This time instead of picking a random book and then a random recipe, the books were to be narrowed down to those containing Tea Time recipes as part of a partnership with the Tea Time Treats link-up hosted by Karen and Kate.    I have a single Nigella Lawson book, but even that contains only a handful of Tea Time recipes.  So I decided to switch things up a little bit by allowing DV fans on facebook to decide what item I would be cooking.  In this case scones won, and in order to keep the random factor I then pulled all my cookbooks featuring a scones recipes.  From there Joy of Cooking was selected and then the classic scone recipe.  I decided to add some fresh fruit instead of the optional dried fruit, and it was a smashing success.  These scones were buttery and oh so moist, so now I’m wondering why this was the first time I ever attempted to make scones.    Below is as adapted for making only 8 scones with the apples, for the original recipe which serves 12-14 please check out Joy of Cooking.


I’m also submitting this for /52weeks baking challenge, since this is probably one of the simplest things in the world to bake.  From prep to eating maybe 30 minutes elapsed, which is probably why they are such a popular breakfast item.

In other news, someone needs to write an American Historical Fiction series on par with Cynthia Harrod-Eagle’s Morland Series.

9 thoughts on “The Queen

  1. and it looks like a proper royal treat too… I adore apples in things like cakes and scones as they add such a delightful dimension and bite… a bit scared that you know the Kings and Queens of England off by heart but I guess we all have our own crazy madness!… thanks so much for taking part again, always lovely to have you on board xx


    1. I didn’t set out to memorize it but one of the houses I babysat at many moons ago had one of the Margaret George books and once I started reading about British history I was hooked. Alison Weir and Cynthia Harrod Eagles just sealed the deal 🙂 This is why our honeymoon was planned around the Jubilee and why I need to visit again very soon!


  2. I took am an anglophile from way back, hooked on same by reading Enid Blyton books as a child. I wanted to go to one of the girls’ boarding schools, play lacrosse and share food from tuck boxes for midnight feasts. (The Mallory Towers and St. Clare’s series probably did more for making boarding school attractive to young girls than any amount of shiny four-color brochures. Sadly, my parents did not share my enthusiasm.) But you have me completely beat by memorizing the monarchs. Very impressive! As are your apple scones!


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