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Quinoa with Tomato and Thyme

The end of summer is approaching, and with it the end of tomato season.  Until then I’ll be doing as many tomato recipes as possible in order to get the most use possible out of my tomatoes.  I can tell that the cherry tomato plants are going to stop producing well before the full size ones, and that’s okay.  I’m also hopeful that I might get one or two more eggplants, but I know that as temperatures drop it will be less and less likely.  I will definitely be doing more of the cherry tomatoes next year, but I think I’m going to try a different type of full size tomatoes.  This year I went with an heirloom tomato, which I normally prefer, but I might try a hybrid next year since I think my issue is with the amount of sunlight my garden gets.  The other option is just do cherry or grape size tomatoes, which isn’t a bad option except missing out on Fried Green Tomatoes and Stuff Tomatoes.  Good thing I have a few months to figure out my game plan for next year.

This recipe took care of a fair are of a fair amount of cherry tomatoes, as well as the last of my onions from the family farm.  I was inspired by the recipe of the same name from Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian cookbook.  I made changes to the ingredients, ratios, and everything else but like her recipe this features quinoa, tomatoes, and thyme.


While I used cherry tomatoes for this recipe, regular tomatoes could be used or even canned diced tomatoes during the off season.  The main key is just making sure the quinoa has the right amount of liquid, so if you are using diced tomatoes reduce the vegetable stock by 2tbsp in order to keep the quinoa from getting mushy.  When I had the leftovers for lunch the next day I added a tbsp of greek yogurt in order to add some moisture back to the dish, and it was amazing!  I have a feeling I’ll be adding that everytime I make this dish in the future.

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