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Tomato – Tomato

Stuffed Tomatoes

How to get rid of a large number of tomatoes in one recipe: stuff them!  I have long wanted to try stuffed tomatoes but after my less than stellar results with stuffed peppers I was nervous about trying an even harder shape.  So I decided to “cheat” and use my muffin tin in order to insure that the tomatoes would at least survive the cooking phase.  For the stuffing I decided to use some red lentils and keep the seasonings nice and simple.  I used the remaining “stuffing” to cushion the tomatoes, and to act as a backup in case the tomatoes didn’t make it from the pan to the plate.  Once I saw that tomato on the plate, sitting stuffed and gorgeous on top of a bed of deliciousness, I knew that I had finally conquered the stuffed tomato.[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:45]

This dish also came together in record time, with the only real drawback being how hot the broiler makes the kitchen.  I might try using my toaster oven next time, along with single silicone cupcake holders.  However I’m not sure if those are meant to take such a high heat, but if anyone knows one way or the other please let me know!

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