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Random Recipes: My Cookbooks

Welcome back to the July installment of Random Recipes.  This month the challenge was something different, instead of random recipes from a cookbook the focus in on the cookbooks instead.  My kitchen is a two bum galley kitchen deal, tho one bum and two tails is more likely, so cookbooks are kept on a bakers rack in the dining room.  I use to have three times the numbers but decided the time had come to donate those that just weren’t being used.  Most of the ones cleared out were meat themed books from the short time period where I ate meat.  In removing those I was able to finally get all my books on one shelf and no stacks.  I tend to flag recipes that I’m working with, and once I find what works for me I copy it into the short spiral notebook on the right side of the shelf.  There is no order to the books, they get pulled out and put back in all sorts of orders.  This summer Plenty and Vegetables from an Italian Garden are the cookbook stars with lots of great seasonal recipes that fit perfectly with my garden.

I also have three “special” cookbooks that don’t get much use, but my collection wouldn’t be complete without them.  These are the two Star Wars cookbooks and Joe’s family cookbook (tall spiral binder to the right of center) that was published one year as a present.  I love the idea of a family cookbook and hopefully if another one is made one of my recipes will find a way in.    My cookbooks might not be glamorous and I’m certainly missing some of the more well know cookbooks, but the ones I do have are well loved and that’s what really matters.   To see more cookbooks check out Dom’s Belleau Kitchen’s Random Recipes.

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