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Basil Focaccia Bread Machine Style

A second SRC recipe!  This time featuring a Blog from the amazing Group B.  Danielle is the brains behind Mostly Food and Crafts, a blog that features all sorts of delicious recipes and cute crafts.  I realized at a young age that crafting was not for me and am in awe of anyone who does pocess the crafting gene.   However I still checked out a few of them, just couldn’t resist the temptation!  Since I had a quick turnaround with this post I tore myself away from her craft list and started investigating recipes.   Oh my are there some good ones!  From curry rice to banana nutella bread to her recipe for Baked Potenta with mozzerella and basil…so many delicious options for such a small amount of time.  After eliminating a few options due to time constraints, I decided I needed a new fresh bread recipe that was different than anything I had tried before.  After all, part of the reason behind SRC is trying out things we wouldn’t normally go for.  With that in mind I decided that her Rosemary Focaccia was just right, even if I did have to turn the oven on.

In doing this I also found out that the standard dough setting on my machine is twice as long as the pizza dough setting, which resulted in a slight delay.  I did have to switch out the rosemary for half fresh basil, half dried rosemary.  I added the rosemary to the dough while I kept the basil as a topping with the olive oil, pepper, and salt.    I kept the same overall measurement (split), same cooking time, and experienced the same amazing results!  This bread was that something extra my dinner plans needed, I just didn’t know it!  The smell it gave my entire house was an added bonus, and just one more reason why I need to make this on a regular basis.

Thanks Danielle for such a great recipe, I can’t wait to try more!

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11 thoughts on “My Scene

  1. Wow, this looks wonderful and one of my very, very favorite breads! Love to dip it with some balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Wow, I’m really going to have to make this!!!!! Thank you for stepping up to make this for Danielle!!


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