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Our Little Tribe

Baingan Bhartha

I am especially privileged this month to get a third (3rd!!!) Secret Recipe Club post in order to help out an orphan from Group D.   As soon as I saw the recipe page from Enriching your kid! I knew that finding a recipe was going to be easy…and that settling on one was going to be a pain.  Once skipping over the baby recipes I noticed the large number of Indian dishes staring at me, including my favorite Palak Paneer.  I then noticed this delicious tofu dish followed by an International Incident recipe for Biryani, which was for the noodle theme that inspired me to join my first blogging link-up group.  Needless to say this match-up was meant to be!

After much debating back and forth I decided to go with Baingan Bhartha, which is one of Joe’s favorite go-to Indian dishes.  Joe had mentioned wanting to do Indian for lunch today, just more proof that this SRC feature was meant to be.  After a quick stop at the garden to get an eggplant and a few tomatoes, I was in business!  I did make two changes to the recipes, dropping the fresh coriander since I wasn’t sure how much to use and I also roasted the eggplant in half for 30minutes at 450, instead of grilling it for an hour.  I didn’t have the time to get our grill going once we got back from the vet and didn’t think any member of the household would appreciate the oven at such a high heat for an hour.  I didn’t notice any textural difference in the dish from how it’s served at our local Indian restaurant, but it’s possible they take the same short cut as well.   I plan to give this recipe another go using the grilling technique, once I hunt down some Paneer so that Joe and I can have a true Indian feast!

As a quick aside I have never seen or heard of a chayote but after seeing Shirley’s recipe for Chayote with grated coconut I’m going to be stalking the local Asian market until I find it.

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9 thoughts on “Our Little Tribe

  1. You were so sweet to sweep in and help another orphan. I’m glad she wasn’t left out in the wind. Your meal looks fantastic and I love that you enjoyed her blog so much.
    Perfect choice and one heck of a meal for a “rescue”. You’re too sweet!


    1. When I saw the Indian food I knew all was good, especially since the hubby had asked for me to meet him for an Indian lunch buffet 🙂 Now looking forward to the leftovers 😀


  2. O Amanda this is awesome! Its so kind of you and you’ve done such a fantastic job with the bharta! And the veggies are from your garden!! What could be better! I am touched. Thank you once again.


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