Work It

Spinach with Roasted Tomato Pizza

I’m writing this, listening to the rain come down, hoping that all the nasty weather will clear up before our flight leaves.  Things have been a little stressful leading up to this trip, making me even more thankful for the timing.  I’m also hoping that I’ll be able to avoid temptation on this trip but I just don’t see that happening, so hopefully all the walking will maybe cancel out the chocolate.  There will also be some changes to DancingVeggies once we get back, but nothing too dramatic.   The good news is that you expect more vegan recipes, including raw-vegan recipes.  I will also be adding some fish to the menu, and removing most of the dairy recipes.  I’m still not sure how everything is going to play out, but that’s okay!

This recipe is unfortunately on the list of things that I will be avoiding going forward.  I will miss my cheesy delicious pizza, but I’m looking forward to experimenting with flatbread recipes and other things that are pizza-like but not quite pizza.


The trick with this recipe is cooking the crust as quick as possible so that the tomatoes keep as much shape as possible.  I have been making tomato and spinach pizza for years, but recently decided it needed a new kick.  By pre-roasting the tomatoes with rosemary it really adds a new layer to the pizza, which is another reason why it’s important to bake the crust as quick as possible.  I’ve also tried this recipe with basil and oregano but for now rosemary is the winner.

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