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Toil and Trouble

Double Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies

Secret Recipe Club time!!!  This month I was assigned A Couple in the Kitchen, and I very much agree with their tag-line of “The Couple that Sautes together, stays together.”   I had a rough time picking a recipe this month, I think I had a good dozen flagged at one point before narrowing it down to three finalists.  In the end my sweet tooth won out and I decided to go with the delicious Double Chocolate Sea Salt cookies.  The first time I made these cookies I followed the recipe exactly and while they were amazingly moist I agreed that the chocolate needed some sort of something to bring it to that next level. While Chris and Amy suggested switching to a higher grade chocolate, I decided to keep with the Ghirardelli and add 1/2 cup of Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate baking chips.   Perfection!!!!  The combination of melted chips with sea salt created the most amazing taste sensation, which made this kitchen couple very happy indeed.


In other news, Joe and I will be heading out of country later this week for our belated honeymoon.  We are heading to Vienna for the first week before going to London to catch the Queen’s Jubilee.  I’m looking forward to introducing my hubby to the place where my Grandmother was born and raised, and where her family still lives.  I’m also looking forward to seeing all the sites in London that I’ve been reading about for the past decade or so.  This trip is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to get going!

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16 thoughts on “Toil and Trouble

  1. What a great blog to get for your assignment this month!! And what a fantastic recipe to choose! I love the addition of the white chocolate chips (my fav!) and I just have to try a cookie with sea salt. The best of both worlds! YUM!


    1. These cookies really were amazing, I had never done salt with chocolate before so it was a great treat! I think I’m going to make another batch soon and try with caramel chips 😀


  2. I think the caramel or butterscotch chips would ROCK. I actually just made a cookie that had toffee chips in it and they were amazing.

    As a complete side note, I love the name of your blog. Makes me smile just thinking of it 🙂


  3. I always go with cookies! Great SRC choice. I like all the different kind of chocolate you added, perfect. It’s pinned and will be made soon.


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