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Spinach with Roasted Tomato Pizza

I’m writing this, listening to the rain come down, hoping that all the nasty weather will clear up before our flight leaves.  Things have been a little stressful leading up to this trip, making me even more thankful for the timing.  I’m also hoping that I’ll be able to avoid temptation on this trip but I just don’t see that happening, so hopefully all the walking will maybe cancel out the chocolate.  There will also be some changes to DancingVeggies once we get back, but nothing too dramatic.   The good news is that you expect more vegan recipes, including raw-vegan recipes.  I will also be adding some fish to the menu, and removing most of the dairy recipes.  I’m still not sure how everything is going to play out, but that’s okay!

This recipe is unfortunately on the list of things that I will be avoiding going forward.  I will miss my cheesy delicious pizza, but I’m looking forward to experimenting with flatbread recipes and other things that are pizza-like but not quite pizza.


The trick with this recipe is cooking the crust as quick as possible so that the tomatoes keep as much shape as possible.  I have been making tomato and spinach pizza for years, but recently decided it needed a new kick.  By pre-roasting the tomatoes with rosemary it really adds a new layer to the pizza, which is another reason why it’s important to bake the crust as quick as possible.  I’ve also tried this recipe with basil and oregano but for now rosemary is the winner.

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Play on Words

Singapore Noodles

Honeymoon time!!!  While you are reading this Joe and I are (probably) on a plane heading over to the first part of our honeymoon journey: Vienna, Austria.  Later we will be hopping the pond to London just in time for the Queen’s Jubilee.  This is going to be an amazing trip for so many reasons, needless to say I’m very excited.

In recipe news I have a number of fresh veggie recipes lined up for while we are gone, still trying to keep my promise of using more seasonal and local produce.  This week the local market had broccoli, carrots, greens, and a few early varieties of squash.  I got a little bit of everything, originally thinking I was going to do a stir fry. Then I went to the Asian Market and saw some great looking rice noodles, and decided to try something new.  There is an amazing restaurant near my house that specializing in Burmese cooking and I decided to attempt to recreate my favorite dish: Singapore Street Noodles.  The description in the menu reads “thin rice noodles stir-fried with curry masala and vegetables” with the option of adding a protein.  I switch off between tofu and extra veggies, and for my version I decided to keep with the veggie version.


Once finished we added some sriracha sauce to our bowls, since we tend to like things on the HOT side.  This dish is easily becoming part of our rotation, it’s quick and easy plus the vegetables can be rotated in and out based on what is in season.

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Falling Down

Pasta Primavera

Spring time is…fresh vegetables, gorgeous greens, and thunder storms.  The rain this year has been rather constant which is probably why my garden is still alive at this point.  I’m hoping that will still be the case when Joe and I return from our honeymoon.  My little sister will be staying with the fur children while we are gone, and will also be monitoring the progress of our garden.  I’m hoping that by time we return the carrots will have sprouted and that the squash will have doubled in size.

This recipe is essentially a salute to everything I love about spring, simple crisp and quick to make.   Originally I wasn’t going to include the tomatoes, since they aren’t a spring vegetables, but I couldn’t resist the heirloom hothouse cherry tomatoes at the market.   The burst of red among the greens created the perfect POP of color, so in the end I’m glad that I caved to temptation.


This is one of those recipes where so any different vegetables could be used, based on what is in season.   During the summer I tend to replace the asparagus with various types of summer squash, again adding bright pops of color to an already colorful dish.

I’m happy to report that I do have a number of posts all set to go for once we head over the pond!  I can’t wait to see my family in Vienna again, and I’m also looking forward to my first time in London.  I follow a number of UK-based blogs and seeing all of the Jubilee themed posts that are popping up is making me all the more excited for that part of our honeymoon!

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Toil and Trouble

Double Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies

Secret Recipe Club time!!!  This month I was assigned A Couple in the Kitchen, and I very much agree with their tag-line of “The Couple that Sautes together, stays together.”   I had a rough time picking a recipe this month, I think I had a good dozen flagged at one point before narrowing it down to three finalists.  In the end my sweet tooth won out and I decided to go with the delicious Double Chocolate Sea Salt cookies.  The first time I made these cookies I followed the recipe exactly and while they were amazingly moist I agreed that the chocolate needed some sort of something to bring it to that next level. While Chris and Amy suggested switching to a higher grade chocolate, I decided to keep with the Ghirardelli and add 1/2 cup of Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate baking chips.   Perfection!!!!  The combination of melted chips with sea salt created the most amazing taste sensation, which made this kitchen couple very happy indeed.


In other news, Joe and I will be heading out of country later this week for our belated honeymoon.  We are heading to Vienna for the first week before going to London to catch the Queen’s Jubilee.  I’m looking forward to introducing my hubby to the place where my Grandmother was born and raised, and where her family still lives.  I’m also looking forward to seeing all the sites in London that I’ve been reading about for the past decade or so.  This trip is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to get going!

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Be Okay

Spring Orzo

The garden is still alive!  The herbs are already perking up and the tomatoes aren’t dead so I’m going to call the first week of my new raised garden a success.   In addition to the tomatoes my garden this year features: two types of eggplant, crookneck squash, zucchini, bell peppers, cayenne peppers, and a hodgepodge of herbs.  I’m also in talks with a co-worker and might be getting a few of his raspberry bushes, which will be going in their own isolated bed so that they don’t take over the entire garden.  I’m hoping that this garden will do well enough to give me the motivation (kick-in-the-pants) to start doing a winter garden.  That way I can start growing my own spinach, chard, kale, and cauliflower…or at least that’s the plan.

This recipe features one of the my favorite three greens, along with some of the fresh asparagus that is starting to pop up at the local markets.  At first I was going to use kale to make the “pesto” but was afraid it might overpower the asparagus and went with baby spinach instead.  Since then I have made some kale pesto and think that it might have worked, but I’m glad I used the spinach.


I’m also submitting this recipe to the May Simple and in Season Event which is being hosted by Urvashi over at Botanical Baker.  Simple and in Season was started by the amazing Ren over at Fabulicious Food one year ago, so a Happy Happy Birthday to Simple and in Season!

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Only Sunshine

Curry Beans and Yellow Rice

When Joe and I first started living together there were a few recipes he kept mentioning from various cookbooks he had received over the years from his sisters.  One of the often mentioned recipes was for Curry Kidney Beans with Tumeric Rice, but unfortunately Joe could not remember the recipe outside of the stated ingredients.  I started digging around and was eventually able to locate the cookbook in question and the recipe.  The first time out I made the recipe as written, and by I made it, I mean that Joe made it.  While it was a good meal and very filling, I wanted to see if I could give it an extra pop to make it a better fit for our spice loving family.   In the end I found the perfect mix of heat and sweet, while taking a page from the Sandra Lee book for an easy short cut.


This recipe is really about as simple as it gets, and it can be easily adjusted based on the amount of spice desired.  The real trick with this recipe is making sure the beans are soft but not mushy, in order to give a nice contrast to the rice.

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Wild Rice with Spinach, Feta, and Tomatoes

I think it’s finally safe to start packing up the winter sweaters and jackets and start bringing out summer dresses and shorts.  Mother nature seems to have finally made up her mind regarding the weather and I could not be more pleased!  Joe and I got our garden planted yesterday and now I’m looking out the window keeping my fingers crossed that something will grow.   I have dreams of juicy tomatoes and yellow squash with some nice peppers to add even more flavor and color to my summer recipes.

I have done wild rice recipes before but I’m trying to incorporate more leafy greens into my diet.  With that I’m also trying to not saute them to death or coat them in butter in an attempt to make them into something they’re not.  With this recipe I added them straight to the rice, allowing the heat of the dish to wilt them until they were perfect and tender.   At the last moment I also added some chickpeas in order to make it a more well rounded dinner, instead of the side for the bbq tofu that never happened.


I served the rice with oregano bread and it was just right although in the future I’ll probably add a nice side salad.