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Flew Away

BBQ Tofu and Dill Potatoes

Happy Spring!  The trees are budding, the flowers are blooming, and my garden is starting to show signs of life after this not-so-hard winter.  This is the time of year where everything comes alive and fresh/local produce starts showing up in the stores.  So far the pickings are still slim with mostly greens (chard!) but this past week I spotted some new potatoes and fresh dill and decided I needed to do something with them.    I have always been a fan of dill but for reason I have always limited it to seafood dishes.  I went with a psuedo potato salad and served it with some bbq tofu in order to celebrate the amazing 70+ temperature going on outside.  Everything was perfect and came together in almost no time, the longest part was cooking the potatoes but since that’s not exactly active cooking it’s hard to hold that against this dish.


I’m also submitting this simple and delicious dish to this month’s Simple and in Season, nothing like starting spring off on the right foot with a collection of perfect spring recipes.  The potatoes salad can easily be adjusted to be vegan, while the bbq tofu is good to go as long as you pick a vegan bbq sauce.

In wedding news, we are in the home stretch!  Everything has been picked and right now it’s just pulling everything together and showing up on time.

One thought on “Flew Away

  1. saw this on ren’s blog (simple and in season) and couldn’t resist clicking on it! nice take on a bbq, though I’m now just reminded of the fact that the sun seems to have disappeared this week. ):


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