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Pretzel Bites

Secret Recipe Club time!  I’m typing this up while enjoying the last of the amazing Pretzel Bites that I found thanks to The Pajama Chef.  These delicious snacks were quick and easy and are easy to modify to fit whatever your soft pretzel craving is.  I was a little nervous the first time I did these since kneading is not my area…there’s a reason why I have a bread machine!  However this dough was very easy to work with and was never at risk of causing cursing, which is always a positive.  I kept to the originally dough recipe for fear of screwing something up, but I did add a little bit of sugar to each bite along with the salt right before popping them in the oven.   Mine are a little more than bite size, but they are still the perfect snack size which is what matter.  For all the delicious details check out The Pajama Chef.  We decided to skip dips but I have a feeling these would go amazing topped with Parmesan Cheese and partnered with some marinara sauce for some pretzel breadstick bites.

In wedding news everything is basically DONE!  We did the final venue walkthru yesterday and the only thing we have to do at this point is figure out the music…which is turning out to be quite the adventure!  I also got my dress this past week and pending a pretzel bite binge, no more alterations are needed.  This also means I need to pretend that I didn’t notice the new Sweet Frog opening up down the street from me, unless I decide to run/bike there.  Work is still insane but with the wedding stuff wrapping up I should be blogging on a more frequent basis since I have time to spend in my kitchen once again.


11 thoughts on “Another One

  1. I love pretzel anything, so yeah, I’m all about these. In terms of kneading, I felt the same as you until I took a class at King Arthur Flour. Now I wonder what the heck my problem was. When you’ve got dough to kneed, simply place it on your floured surface, fold it towards you, push back with the heels of both your hands, and then turn the dough one quarter turn and repeat. It’s gotten to be an actual stress reliever with me, which you may well need with a wedding on the horizon! Congratulations, by the way. I hope it’s beautiful.


    1. this was (honestly) easiest dough i have worked with. I am known for…throwing…tossing…pelting dough in the direction of the trash can. This dough on the other hand, didn’t even consider it!


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