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It Takes Two


Another month has arrived and with it another visit to the Secret Recipe Club.  Each month I look forward to finding out what new blog I’ve been assigned, and start dreaming (and drooling!) about the new recipes to discover.  This month I was assigned Recipe Taster: Savor the Unexpected and savor I did!  Every link gave me inspiration and it took me more than the normal time to finally figure out what recipe of the six I originally had narrowed down to would be THE ONE.  After much debating I decided to take a trip back to my roots and cook up some traditional German food.  Growing up it was a treat when German Potato Salad and wursts appeared on the table, especially when a bottle of Kurry Ketchup was to be found.  While I no longer indulge in the various wursts, I am still a potato nut and with that couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try a new-to-me German Potato Recipe calledSchupfnudeln.  Needless to say there were a HUGE hit!  I served them up with some Tofurkey sausages and only wish I had been able to find some Kurry Ketchup to complete the meal.  The only change I made was switching out the nutmeg for oregano, otherwise I kept things as written in the original recipe.


I served mine with some apple sauce and sour cream to top, and the extras become a quick and easy breakfast the next morning.


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