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Now Hush Hush

Eggplant Parmesan Pizza

Secret Recipe Club

Greetings one and all! Another month has flown by and it’s time for a brand new Secret Recipe Club recipe 🙂 I have to admit that one of the highlights of my blog month is getting the new blog assignment from my fearless host Amanda and checking out all the cool new recipes I can pick from.  This month I was assigned the Pictures of all my Princesses blog run by Jules.   I was immediately drawn in by the cute header and set out to find the perfect new recipe to try.  I wasn’t sure what recipe I wanted to try or even what type of recipe I was in the mood for so I started at the beginning and worked by way up.  I noted a few recipes that sounded interested before spotting the PERFECT recipe for my household: Eggplant Sauce!!!  Not only did the recipe give instructions for serving this sauce three different ways, one of them included a way to adapt it for pizza.  I was sold and quickly started collecting all the ingredients I needed.  I did cheat and use my bread machine to prep my crust, but I have found that my blood pressure tends to do best when I’m not trying to kneed dough.  I did make some slight modifications to make it vegetarian friendly and also left out the cream since I felt that much dairy might be a little much.   Please check out the original recipe if you don’t have the restriction and if you want to see the other ways you can use this incredibly versatile sauce.



This dish was a HUGE hit in my house, and as an added bonus it gave off an amazing aroma.  To enhance the flavors I used an oregano pizza crust recipe and it worked perfectly.  The little bit of sauce left over was also the perfect dip for the pizza crust ensuring that not a single drop was wasted!


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18 thoughts on “Now Hush Hush

  1. Man this is making me hungry! We make home made pizza usually once a week, but always just plain cheese and sauce. I’ve love to do an eggplant parm like this – looks fantastic. Great pick for the SRC. I just joined this month and have enjoyed checking out everyones posts


  2. What a great pick! It’s like my two favourite Italian dishes, eggplant parmesan and pizza, got together and had a delicious, cheesy baby. 🙂 I’ve never had eggplant on pizza before, but it sounds dreamy. Must try it out next time I’m in a pizza mood.


  3. I don’t make pizza often – I tend to let that be a treat I buy – however I have been buying the eggplant topped pizza as of late when getting one! This would be right up my alley!


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