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By the Sea

Vegetarian on Vacation

Eastern Shore: Easton

In recent years I have been very fortunate in having multiple opportunities to visit the Eastern Shore of Maryland and with that multiple amazing restaurants.  While most of the restaurants are heavy on delicious local seafood, many of them also have vegetarian options and a growing number are starting to offer vegan options.  There are also more Farmer’s Markets than you could ever imagine and have offerings ranging from sweet corn to yellow tomatoes to pumpkin (!) rice pupping to dog treats!  Most of the restaurants are also involved in the localvore movement, so everything is as fresh as possible and is obvious from the first bite.  Every time I go there are a number of place on my MUST VISIT list, starting with the local Amish Farmers Market and ending when possible with General Tanukis.  There are still a number of places that I haven’t visited so this list will probably change but for now here are my top 5 places to eat while at Easton.

  1. General Tanukis – The downside: not vegan friendly, there is only one option on the menu.  The upside: amazing fusion food that is insanely good.  The pizzas are incredible, the Herbivore being my personal favorite.  They also have regular specials, and their curry is some of the best I’ve ever had.  The also have a number of different sushi rolls, including a few vegetarian options and a number of local varieties.
  2. Martini’s – Two words: Tomato Sauce.  I’m not sure if it’s simply using local produce but the tomato sauce on their Eggplant Sandwich is incredible.  As a bonus the sandwich can be prepared vegan as can their Pan Roasted Vegetable Wrap.  While on the pricey side the quality of the ingredients makes it worth spending the extra money.
  3. AVA’s Pizzeria – Not only do they allow dogs on the patio they also have a number of vegetarian and vegan options.   The home made potato chips are INCREDIBLE which is saying something since I am not a potato chip person.  The onion tart pizza is also insane, but it is potent so if you are on a date….
  4. Amish Farmer’s Market – Food the way nature intended it, no additives no artificial coloring just all natural fresh food.  While vegan food is limited to the fresh produce, there are a number of vegetarian options in the prepared food section including a good dozen salad types.  There is also a butcher shop in the back, so even if you prefer a good bratwurst to Broccoli Salad you are still in luck.
  5. Railway Market – Great place for Carnivores, Vegetarians, and Vegans who are looking for something quick and easy.  From their organic sandwiches to their flavorful soups to their deli bar everything is delicious and nutritious.  I had my first brussel sprouts here, and from that experience I learned that I actually like these strange little vegetables.
I’m hoping that on my next trip I’ll be able to try Out of the Fire, I’ve been hearing great things about it but so far every time I am in that area it is closed for a special event.  

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