Vegetarian on Vacation

In the Middle

Vegetarian on Vacation

The Middle and the Bad of Indianapolis

Midwest.  Farm County.  Steakhouses. Welcome to Indianapolis where there is a steakhouse on every corner.  While a number of these well established restaurants are expanding their menus to include some non-red-meat options, they are few and far between.  The other ones will bring a veggie plate if requested, but then dinner is regulated to a few roasted vegetables with little protein in sight.  The following are places that are either on the right track, and haven’t yet reached the station along with those that aren’t even trying to find the station.

St. Elmos – They offer a vegetable plate, and that’s it.  They are a true blue steak house with everything you would expect a steakhouse to have.   PERIOD

West Coast Tacos – Confession: I love food trucks.  However I think Food Trucks should be like every other restaurant when it comes food offerings and include something veggie friendly.  With Tacos there are plenty of easy veggie options starting with black beans and avocado and just building from there.

Palomino – There are options here, not many, but they are there and they are DELICIOUS!  They have one of the richest tasting mushroom soups I have ever had.  If you get the right waitor they are also willing to work with you to find the perfect dish, which is always a great touch.  While they still need to expand on their veggie friendly options they are heading in the right direction and I can see a vegan entree in their near future.

The Ram – It should be noted that for GenCon they have a special themed menu, one that has NO vegetarian options to include the salads.  They do offer veggie burgers however they are frozen, tasteless, and extremely overpriced.  It didn’t help that the service was horrid, of the 6 people at the table only two got the correct order the first time out.  Hopefully their normal menu has more variety and hopefully their kitchen has a better track record under normal circumstances.

While typing this up I noticed a breaking news release about a stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair, my thoughts and prayers with all the families effected.  I look forward to traveling to Indy again next year for GenCon 2012, and look forward to trying out some new places!

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