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Try Again

Sichuan Stir-Fry

The past month has been a month of changes and upheavals, and things are seeming to settle down to a new rhythm.  Currently the leader of IIP, the amazing Jeroxie, is going through a similar situation and I have faith that eventually she and her family will find a new rhythm.

When Joe and I first started dating I had to make some changes to my recipes, essentially eliminating any and all spice from the recipes.  This recipe marks a real milestone in that Joe found it to be lacking in the spice department, and was requesting more chili sauce.  I am now looking forward at moving from moderately spicy Chinese to oh so spicy Thai food and upgrading my peppers.  While we will never be able to eat at a real Thai Restaurant (silly peanut allergies), I’m looking forward to being able to try homemade versions of various Thai Basil dishes and maybe even some modified noodles dishes.

This dish is a fusion, taking some of my favorite elements of Asian cooking and tossing them all together in a delicious sauce.  The base of my recipe is my Sichuan Eggplant recipe which can be found here!  I then decided to add broccoli to the dish as well as some red cabbage in order to give the dish a crunchy texture.   Right after adding the sauce I also added the rice and created a “well” in the center of the wok.  I cracked an eye into the hole and then scrambled it, similar to how you would do a fried rice dish.  once the rice was cooked it was time to enjoy!

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