Green and Pleasant Land

Forever Nigella Royal Street Party

So I have a confession to make: I am an Anglophile.  I have been border line obsessed with England and her history since I was in Middle School and as I have gotten older my fondness has grown.  The majority of my books are written by English Authors (excluding my Star Wars collection) and thanks to those I actually can understand the shows on the BBC.  However I had been neglecting one area of English culture: cooking.  The only exposure I have had to English is from watching the original Kitchen Nightmares on BBCA and even though those restaurants admitted to be floundering I still developed a preconceived notion that all English food is “overcooked” and not vegetarian friendly.  When I saw the Forever Nigella challenge pop-up on Eat Live Travel Write‘s Blog I figured this was a chance to give English Cooking a go.  My first challenge became locating a Nigella Lawson book, which was a pain.  I was finally able to find one when I was up in NYC for the day, and even though it wasn’t the one I wanted I figured the recipes inside Nigella Lawson FEAST would be perfect given the first theme I was attempting.  As a disclaimer I have never been to a Street Party before, only read about them but I figured a party is a party and the main point is to make things that a large group of people would enjoy.  Since I was hosting a bachelorette party the week before the Royal Wedding I decided to test the recipes on the girls.  I wound up having to adapt all the recipes due to ingredients, some British foodstuff weren’t readily available at my local grocer.  All in all I think everything worked really well and I can see more Nigella Lawson (and Jamie Oliver) cookbooks in my future!The recipes I attempted:- Goldenballs
– Somerset Rabbit (no picture)- Yorkshire Pudding/Toad-in-the-Hole

I followed the recipes given in Nigella Lawson’s Fest: Food to Celebrate Life cookbook and as mentioned above I did make a few changes. For the Goldenballs:  I did half of mine with goat cheese which was not a good  ideas, the balls would up very flat very fast.  Also for some reason the mozz. balls available at my grocery store are different sizes than mentioned in book so I used the next size down from the bocconcini in order to have what looked closer to those in the picture.For the Somerset Rabbit: I used homemade English Muffin Bread in order to add a little more to the recipe.  Not needed but it gave the house a great smell which is always nice when company is coming over.  I couldn’t locate any English Mustard so I gave this an American twist with some Jack Daniels Brown Mustard.  I also used whole wheat flour in the sauce for personal taste which worked just as well.  For the Yorkshire Pudding: I did take the tip of using a muffin pan, and found that filling them about 2/3rds of the way worked perfectly.  For half I just did normal Yorkshire Pudding while in the others I decided to do them Toad-in-Hole style and added some tofurkey to the bottom of the muffin pans before adding the batter but after heating up the oil.  These were AMAZING!  
The only down side of doing this is that the number of vegetarian recipes, or even easily adapted non-vegetarian recipes, are very scarce in this book.  I am hoping to find some other selections before next months event so that I have some more options.  

7 thoughts on “Green and Pleasant Land

    1. Thank you! I am use to converting recipes to be meat free but I don’t think I’ve seen a cook book so meat heavy since reading one of Paula Deans 😀 I think her and Nigella would get along real well!


  1. Fantastic menu! You made me realise that I have never had Yorkshire puddings in my life! They look great and I love your Goldenballs! So golden and crispy!


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