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Veggies and Dumplings Soup


Welcome to the first Secret Recipe Club reveal day of 2013! It felt soooo strange not posting something in December but with the craziness of the holidays I’m sort of glad there was a break in order to insure I could focus on my assigned blog.  This month I was sent over to Daily Dish Recipes hosted by the amazing Nicole.  In reading about Nicole I also found out that her daughter has her own food blog, as well as an adorable hedgehog, so kitchen skills seem to run in the family!  Since I had more than the usual amount of time to find a recipe I decided to take my time and really explore all that Nicole had to offer.  For the longest time I was leaning towards her candy section, because who doesn’t want to make homemade lollipops???  However after reflecting on the extreme amount of sugar I have ingested over the holidays I decided to refocus on all of her savory options.  This led me to her two Chicken and Dumpling posts, and some hard core inspiration to make a vegetarian version.  I took a little bit from both posts in order to come up with my recipe, and it was a HUGE hit!  The from-scratch dumplings were delicious, the perfect meal for a rather rainy winter day.

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Serves: serves 5-6


For Dumplings:

2 cups all purpose flour

½ teaspoon salt

2 tsp. minced oregano (parsley in original recipe)

1 tsp. pepper

1 egg

5 Tablespoons butter, room temperature

½ cups milk

For Stew:

1 tbsp EVOO

1 tsp rosemary

1 1/2 tsp thyme

1 bay leaf

1 onion, chopped

3 cloves garlic, minced

3 carrots, chopped

2 cups mushrooms, quartered

1 can cream of celery soup

3 cups vegetable broth

1/4 cup milk


  1. Heat the EVOO in a large dutch oven over medium heat along with the herbs. Add the onion and garlic and cook for 5 minutes before adding the carrots and mushrooms. Continue cooking for another 5 minutes then add the soup and stock.
  2. Bring to a quick boil, then turn heat to low, cover, and simmer for 15 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile in a small bowl sift together the flour. oregano, pepper, and salt. In a medium bowl mi the egg, butter, and milk then add the dry ingredients. Mix until just incorporated, making sure to not over mix. To form the dumpling pinch off sections of dough and roll into small balls.
  4. Once the balls are formed, drop in to the simmering stew. Recover the stew and simmer for at least another 30 minutes.

This is one of those stews that could be done with so many different vegetables, I have every intention of trying it with some roasted winter vegetables!   There is nothing like a delicious dumpling soaked in a simple stew to make the winter a little warmer.  Make sure to check out all of the amazing SRC recipes this month 🙂

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  1. You did such a great job with this recipe. I adore chicken and dumplings, but traditionally you don’t add a lot of veggies. I wonder why? Because quite frankly – yours look PERFECT.
    I’m so glad you made this from my recipe. I hope you had fun perusing my blog (and yes, the lollipops are like a huge sugar high… haha)

    1. Your blog has so many amazing things on it but omg those lollipops! My in-laws own a firepit so at some point want to give the dumplings a whirl that way as well!!

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