Twice the Fun

Apple Salad

I’m writing this while enjoying the perfect salad on a HOT HOT HOT (almost) summer day.  When I went on Facebook to see what was going on in the SRC world I saw Angie’s post regarding two orphan blogs.  While one was claimed later in the day, Kate’s Kitchen was still alone.  Well, I’m a firm believer in no blogger left behind so jumped at the opportunity to check out another blog and some more delicious recipes.  I had a general idea of what I was going to do for dinner tonight, so I went looking for salads, breads, and desserts that would go with my main dish.  It didn’t take me very long to stumble upon Kate’s Apple Salad and realize the last apples in my fridge now had a calling.  I swung by the store on the way home to grab some extra spinach and I was set!  I did make two slight changes to the recipe, leaving out the almonds to make it nut-free and subbing some apple cider vinegar for the red wine.  The cider substitition made it closer to the original recipe but I have a feeling that either one will go great with this crisp winner.

Kate's Apple Salad


¼ c finely minced sweet onion

3 tbsp apple cider vinegar

3 tbsp white wine or champagne vinegar

2 tb sesame seeds

Pinch of paprika

2 T sugar

½ c extra virgin olive oil

2 cups spinach leaves

2 apples, sliced

2 tbsp blue cheese


  1. Mix all of the ingredients up to the spinach in a dressing jar, or a tupperware with a lid. Make sure they are mixed well and then pour over the spinach, apples, and cheese.

In order to get the most bite out of the salad I recommend going with tarter apples in order to get more of a contrast.  Mine happened to be Granny Smith but I have a feeling that Pink Ladies would also go perfectly.

I should note that my amazing photographer was not available for this photo so please forgive the quality of the above shot.

5 thoughts on “Twice the Fun

  1. Thank you SO much!!! You chose one of my very favorite salads of all time. Love the idea of using the pink ladies. I’ve always used Gala’s since I love their crisp, tart, sweet flavor. Isn’t it fun that we have so many apple varieties to choose from? I’ll be back to visit and check out more of your blog. Always on the hunt for good veggie and salad recipes!!!!

    1. There is a pick-your-own apple place down the road from me and when apple season hits I tend to go a little overboard. I think it was last year where we wound up walking away with around 20lbs of apples 🙂

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