Donut Muffins

Start of another month which means it’s time for Secret Recipe Club!!!  Every month I look forward to exploring a new blog and finding delicious new recipes to test out and enjoy.  This month I received Sweet as Sugar Cookies and as soon as I saw the title I knew I was in for a sweet treat.  While I normally gravitate towards more savory options I decided to ignore the fact that I have a white dress in my very near future and go for something more dessert than normal.   After a very quick and easy search I decided to give her Donut Puffs a whirl, since I had no idea what a “puff” was.   I learned three important lessons in doing this recipe:

  1. I don’t have any mini-muffin tins…whoops
  2. I apparently ran out of nutmeg at some point, cinnamon to the rescue!
  3. mmmmm…DONUTS!!!

I also learned how to give these yummy muffins their signature puff top, and that is a trick I will most certainly be using in the future! I made very few changes to this recipe, and by few I mean I switched the nutmeg for cinnamon since as noted above I was mysteriously out.  I highly recommend this recipe so please head right on over to Sweet as Sugar Cookies for all the details!

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  1. These look so good!

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